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A crave-worthy High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) workout that fuses cardio with strength training. With Fusion you HiiT it hard. And when you see what it does for your body you want more.

How we work it

We challenge your body at every level with alternating blasts of heart-pumping dance moves and muscle work. The circuits and level changes maximize the intensity and bring the burn.

What’s in it for you

A seriously hot dance fitness class that will rev up your results. Melt fat, torch up to 800 calories in just 60 minutes, supercharge your metabolism, and kickstart a sustained calorie burn that continues after class. Fusion is your ticket to strong, sculpted arms and legs, a tight, fit core and hard-earned curves.

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See What It's Like

I love that this class incorporates HiiT and confuses my muscles. It is crazy how adding strength training routines in-between cardio can be so challenging!

-Allison J. 


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