Class Formats


This class is all about the core. Cardio and strength moves are fused for a total body, high intensity core strengthening class. You get all the hip-swiveling, beat-pumping dance moves and muscle work plus a core-crunching focus that will chisel your middle.

How we work it

Every move is targeted to rock your core. We’ve got your abs and back covered with this complete cardio and strength training workout. Forget boring crunches—we challenge your abs from all angles with moves that isolate, engage and fire up your core.

What’s in it for you

Core strength, stability and the foundation for a fit, healthy body. When your core is strong, you get better results from every workout you do. Get long, lean and strong like a ballerina without the bun and the tutu. Torch up to 800 calories with this 60 minute class.

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See What It's Like

Whoa….my aching core!

-Sarah H.


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